To try and help you decide if you will enjoy coming along to our
JAFFA Club let us tell you a bit about it

We get together every Sunday morning, some people call us
Sunday School but we think that sounds a bit boring so we call
ourselves the JAFFA Club which stands for JESUS A FRIEND FOR

As we are a church we do come together and learn things about
what happened in the Bible but we are nothing like school.  We are
a group of friends who love to spend time together and have loads
of fun everyweek. 
We play games, have crafts, stories, refreshments and all different
kinds of activities. Because we are not like school if one week you
don't fancy coming along then that is fine.

This is what we do on a Sunday but there is much more to us than that,
as we have other events during the year.  We have trips out, our main
one being to a local theme park, we have movie nights, activity days and
loads more - the best bit is that nearly every event we do is free.

We also have a childrens singing group that you could join if you wanted to - they are called the JAFFA Delights and take part in special events that we have throughout the year.  They practice some Sunday mornings after our JAFFA Club.

So if you think you would enjoy being part of our JAFFA Club then please come along on a Sunday morning at 11.15am we would love to see you


We know that it can be worrying and difficult sending your children to a new place, so we would like to give you some reassurance.  The Salvation Army have a policy to protect children which is called Safe and Sound.  Everyone who works with children both at our local Salvation Army and across the country have been on Safe and Sound Training, which means we are fully aware of how to help to protect the children in our care.  We have also all had enhanced police checks.  We do everything we possibly can to protect the children whilst they are with us.

We have three main leaders of the JAFFA Club, Lindsey, Louise and Amy but we also have other adults on hand every Sunday morning should we need any help (including a nurse)

If you have any questions about our JAFFA Club then please do not hesitate to contact us.